Mod of the Month – August 2015


Congratulations to Hauke D., our newest Mod of the Month for August 2015!

Mod of the MonthHauke is recent addition to our team and so far he’s impressed everyone he’s worked with. He joined Metaverse in March as part of our new (and super exciting) EU office in Derry, Northern Ireland. Currently, he’s one of our talented multi-lingual mods, covering German and English, for our fantastic client Kabam.

Hauke is an intense perfectionist (“I always want to perform the best way possible”), and yet – he is also quite humorous. His humor (or humour) has been cultivated over time and he considers it to be a crucial part of his ability to adapt and work hard. Prior to joining us at Metaverse, Hauke was a nurse in a children’s hospital. Humor was his strength.

“Tough moments need something so you can snap back to reality.”

He loves coffee (he really, really loves coffee). And since the age of three, Hauke has been a bona fide gamer. His personal tenure in games has built a strong foundation for what game communities and customers need, expect, and want. Hauke is also a musician, which feeds into his intense desire for perfectionism. “It’s simply natural for any artist to push for improvement and evolution. No matter how many people say, ‘Your music is great!’ my brain just doesn’t stop. Not ever.”

It’s this intense perfectionism, and his experiences while working directly with families at the hospital, that help him drive fantastic customer support. “I like being in direct touch with people and trying to solve problems. Everything that involves connection to a community (particularly game communities) is important to me, and where I want to drive my career.”

For Hauke, it’s the fine art of teamwork that is most essential here at Metaverse. “I constantly look to connect with my fellow Mods, to communicate. Communication is the holy grail to me. It is so necessary to stay connected, organized, and to plan ahead efficiently – We are one. You just go through everything together to make the experience the best for the client, the project and the team.”

Here’s a few things his coworkers had to say:

Working as Hauke’s PMA is an absolute pleasure. He has a great disposition, he’s nice to his colleagues and always willing to help. He’s a natural born leader and he can effortlessly juggle tickets, extra tasks, coaching and updating of our resource website. Also, and I think this is one his best traits, he has a great eye: eye for detail, eye for player’s mood (making it easier for him to relate to them and communicate effectively), eye for potential trending and widespread issues. Due to his prompt reporting about this, we managed to implement a new method for mass-issues that was greatly appreciated by our team and by our client. Everybody loves him: management, colleagues, client!
– Lara Greco, Project Manager

[Hauke] is newer to Metaverse, but he is an excellent CS rep who goes above and beyond to make sure things are always done and done correctly. He came on to my project swinging for the fences, picked up the procedures super fast, made great impressions to the client and has the talent to make even the angriest players happy. I’m lucky to have him on my team!
– Yvonne Z., Project Manager

Hauke is an intense, bright, eager fellow. He dives straight into tasks and projects with a deep, genuine passion. He loves language, problem-solving, and efficiency. I’m not sure if it’s the coffee, or his inherent drive, that pushes him (teasing) — whatever it is, we’re quite glad to have him on the team! It’s going to be fun to see how he grows here at Metaverse!
– Rich Weil, SVP Global Operations

Congratulations on earning the title Mod of the Month, Hauke! You’re a great example of what Amy shared in her blog post last week. Keep up the dedication, hard work, humor, and awesomeness!

Izzy Neis
Director of Digital Engagement & Strategy

Jason Ferguson
Director of Client Services