Mod of the Month — April 2020


The close of another month is the perfect time for a celebration, and we have a great reason! This April, we’re commemorating a Mod whose unbeatable spirit serves as a testament to his character, to say nothing of his exemplary service providing top-notch support for our clients’ customers. Say hello to Ivory A!

Those who’ve had the pleasure of working with Ivory over the past two and a half years can attest to the fact that he’s a dedicated worker who’s devoted both to the people he helps and to everyone at ModSquad. Ivory’s fans (and there are many) gush about his attention to detail, his genuine desire to help, and a drive to contribute that makes him stand apart from the crowd.

His determination motivates Ivory to succeed in the face of a crushing blow that would have stopped most people in their tracks. Instead, Ivory persevered. As he shares with our blog readers, Ivory was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes a few years back. His need for medical care presented a hurdle to traditional employment. “Being able to continue my treatments was a big concern for me, so being able to make my own schedule is important,” he says. Fortunately, the flexibility offered by ModSquad has made a difference. “I like the freedom of being able to set my own schedule.”

Ivory came to ModSquad after a long and varied career. His road to excellence began in the United States Navy, where for six years Ivory served as a Navy Aviation and Electronics technician. The time spent doing that important work sparked a love for technology that has fueled him through his career. Ivory transitioned to customer support in 2005, working for some of the biggest names in the telecom industry, including T-Mobile, Spectrum, and AT&T.

It’s no accident that he ended up working in positions that combine customer support with technology. “Technology and how it applies to daily life has been in my blood for as long as I can remember,” says Ivory. “I’m always curious as to how tech can improve quality of life.” It’s this intrinsic desire to help people, combined with his deep passion for the latest tech, that helps Ivory knock it out of the park, every time.

Ivory’s dedication to his work, and his strong desire to improve the lives of others makes him a perfect fit for ModSquad.

In addition to his love for technology, Ivory’s a self-described nerd with a love for television, gaming, and music. His favorite shows and movies include the Power Rangers and Star Trek franchises. When not enjoying TV or movies, he can be found playing games, enjoying musicals and operas, or trying his hand at karaoke.

Here at ModSquad, Ivory’s not our only songbird; his Project Managers have been singing his praises, calling him someone who’s happy to lend a helping hand wherever he can. Here’s what else they have to say about his work:

“Ivory is always eager to help out, whether he’s jumping in to cover a shift, or assisting his fellow Mods with questions. He’s an asset on every team he’s involved with.” — Jason F., Sr. Director, Client Services

“Ivory joined my team about three months ago and he’s amazing. He has great communication skills and proactively helps others who need assistance. He quickly moved to providing more advanced support services, and that’s not an easy thing to do on this project!” — Tera T.

“Ivory is consistently an extremely hard worker, always ready to help. On my project, he jumped in to help with a last-minute new task. He was extremely helpful in refining the process for the future and was glad to get on calls with me and demo what he was doing. Since then, he’s always my go-to when I need help with testing or monitoring.” — Josh H.