Mod of the Month – September 2018


It’s officially fall, y’all! While Halloween decorations have been in stores for weeks already, we can’t enter October until we’ve taken care of the most important part of September: our newest Mod of the Month. So without further ado, please join us in a pumpkin spiced round of applause for our September 2018 Mod of the Month, Tarina C.!

Tarina joined ModSquad in August 2014 when a family friend, a ModSquad Project Manager at the time, mentioned he was recruiting Mods for a large project. Over the past four years, Tarina has done forum moderation for several of our video game clients, as well as some work on social media projects.

Currently, Tarina works for a client that’s one of the busiest airports in the world, providing customer support and engagement via social media to many of the thousands of travelers who pass through the airport each day. In addition to providing helpful information and friendly welcomes, she is also responsible for responding to social media reviews and escalating feedback and requests to various internal departments at the airport.

Tarina may be humble about the work she does, but ask any Project Manager who’s worked with her and they’ll confirm she’s stellar. For Tarina, it’s all about doing everything she can to take care of a customer.

I enjoying making people’s days a little bit better, and both forum moderation and social media allow me to do that, in different ways. I would say my proudest moments are any time that someone follows up with a positive message after I respond to a complaint.

Outside of work, Tarina stays busy with a full house, including her husband, a daughter in high school, two dogs, and three cats. As she puts it, “When I’m not watching my daughter’s tennis matches or chasing the dogs away from the cat food, I can be found involved in a wide range of activities.” Tarina’s creativity fuels many hobbies, including watercolor painting, calligraphy, and photography. She also loves video games and is currently building her own game using RPG Maker. And as if that’s not enough, she co-directs the drama program at her daughter’s former elementary/middle school.

“Amazing is an understatement. Tarina is absolutely an invaluable part of our project and is always ready to help out in any way she can. She is fun, witty, and engaging in her responses to our broad customer base, and our client has called out several of her responses for being so good. Tarina is fantastic and the very definition of what a Mod of the Month should be.”
— Kellie Cioffi, Project Manager

“Since starting on our project, Tarina has impressed everyone with how quickly she learned the material and how easily she’s matched the brand tone for engagement. She’s been absolutely incredible! She’s extremely attentive to detail and does outstanding work for our customers, our client, and our team. I’m super grateful to have her on our project. If we’re still adding Mods to the eventual cloning candidate pool, Tarina has my vote for sure!”
— Cassie Daley, Project Manager

“Tarina has been consistently excellent in every project I’ve worked with her on over the years. She has a great sense of humor that lights up group chats, and she is professional and timely with her engagements. She’s a real treat to work with, as she helps makes projects shine.”
— Mike Poe, Project Manager