Mod of the Month – September 2017


Wherever you live, the seasons are changing, but there’s one thing that remains constant year-round, and that’s our appreciation of our Mods. We are pleased to announce the September 2017 Mod of the Month, Shane B!

Shane joined ModSquad in May 2016, and in the time he’s been a Mod, he’s made a lasting impression on those he’s worked with. What began as a side job to apply his technical knowledge while he studies computer science has grown into a career in customer support and community engagement.

Shane works with a number of our clients across the travel, gaming, and retail industries. In addition to assisting customers via email, he has also taken on the role of supervisor on one of his projects, advising Mods and handling sensitive or particularly difficult issues. He also responds on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to help and engage with travelers flying in and out of Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, one of the ten busiest airports in the world.

Social media allows you to connect with customers in a more personal manner. You can have more fun and engage more on their level. This not only improves the service for the client and customer, but also the agent providing the support; I take pride in my work and see it as an experience rather than a task.

Prior to starting at ModSquad, Shane worked for two-and-a-half years providing technical support to broadband, TV and phone customers of one of the largest media companies in the UK and Ireland. His role was entirely phone support and that was when he realized how much he enjoyed the tech support industry. Since joining ModSquad, Shane’s proudest moment has been becoming a Tier 2 agent on one of his projects.

I felt valued and like I had achieved something by performing to the best of my ability. I enjoy being able to advise other agents with technical issues, but also getting to interact with them and getting to know all of my colleagues and this was the perfect opportunity to do so.

Shane comes from and lives with a big family — his parents, seven siblings (4 of which still live at home), and three dogs, border collies named Buddy, Lassie, and Sterling. He plans to also add a hedgehog to the family soon, if the dogs allow it. He spends his spare time pursuing (and achieving!) personal goals, having taught himself to play guitar, piano, trumpet, and tuba. He’s also teaching himself to program iOS apps.

Shane’s ambition certainly has not gone unnoticed by the project managers who’ve worked with him. Here’s what they had to say:

“Shane is one of the most dedicated people I’ve ever worked with at ModSquad. He always gives you his best. He works hard, provides quality work and is super reliable. Best of all, he genuinely cares about the people around him which make him a natural leader in rallying team spirit and that makes his teammates better at the same time.”
—Janice Bagley, Project Manager

“I worked with Shane on multiple projects, and I still haven’t figured out his secret. He always seems carefree and relaxed, but inside he is absolutely in control over what he does. He helps out wherever he can, is dedicated, eager and on top of that, the quality of his work never disappoints! Plus, he’s good craic to be around!”
—Hauke Denissen, Project Manager

“I’ve worked with Shane on projects since he started at MSQ and he’s consistently gone above and beyond with everything asked, from taking extra shifts and helping agents to assisting the clients directly when needed. He’s amazing for morale and for every project I’ve worked with him on.”
—Cassie Daley, Assistant Project Manager