Mod of the Month – September 2016


If over the past few days you’ve found yourself thinking, “How is it nearly October? Where did September go?” — you’re not alone. They say time flies when you’re having fun, so perhaps that’s why we at ModSquad feel like September passed so quickly. It’s a great feeling to love your work!

We get extra excited at the end of each month, because it’s the time we celebrate our latest Mod of the Month, a Mod who stands out because of their dedication, positivity, quality of work, and overall awesomeness. This month, we’re thrilled to highlight the September 2016 Mod of the Month: Meghan P!

Meghan_MOTMIn the year since Meghan joined ModSquad, she has shown how truly passionate she is for helping others. Clients (and their customers), project managers, and fellow Mods all know they can rely on Meghan for whatever they need. In fact, one client recognized Meghan’s skills and passion for their project and created a higher-tier spot on the project specifically for Meghan to fill!

There’s nothing I love more than turning a disgruntled and upset customer into a happy customer. Sometimes it just takes one agent who listens and fixes the problem without excuses to take an unhappy person and turn them into a pure delight.

Prior to becoming a Mod, Meghan spent seven years working in customer support, content writing, and search engine optimization (SEO). She sought out ModSquad because of the flexibility that working from home would give her to spend more time with her family.

I currently reside in south Florida, and live with my mom. She’s not been well lately, so living here allows me to be by her side and help her as much as possible. She is my backbone, my hero, the most important person in my life.

Finding ModSquad was a blessing for me, and one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. This company is great to work for. To be valued for my skills is the best feeling ever!

For our client VitalSource, Meghan was brought in to provide customer support. A few months into working on the project, the folks at VitalSource asked that Meghan take on additional responsibilities, helping to resolve more complex customer inquiries. She also helps with documentation and training for the other Mods working on the project, and jumps into chat support when additional hands are needed.

I put my heart and soul into this project, and love to help wherever and whenever I can. The client is amazing, and I’ve met some of the most incredible people. The management on this project, Cathy and Tera, are the best at what they do, and I couldn’t ask for a more supportive team. I respect and admire all of them.

Meghan_MOTM2Meghan never strays from a challenge. For another client, Meghan is part of a small team tasked with solving often complicated customer issues. According to Meghan, it’s her team’s strong bond that allows them to work together so effectively as they provide the best service to customers.

Even when she’s not working, Meghan’s passion lies in helping the people around her. In addition to being available to help her mother and family, Meghan loves fixing computers and hopes to start her own business doing just that. In her downtime, she also enjoys reading, (particularly Robert Parker’s Jesse Stone series and anything by Nicholas Sparks), writing poetry, and painting. Meghan also loves animals, especially her dog, Buddy, and cat, Cupcake.

I hope one day to be that crazy lady that rescues dogs and cats, and to have a huge place for them to live. If they cannot be adopted, I will just keep them all, so they have a safe and loving home for the rest of their lives.

When we spoke to the project and account managers who’ve worked with Meghan on their projects, their response was enthusiastic to say the least. Here’s what they had to say:

“She is one of the most amazing Mods I have known. She is always helping out in one way or another, and the client absolutely loves her. She catches on so fast, can multitask like a monster, covers open hours with just minutes’ notice, can plow through more tickets per hour than two other people (and with good quality), and she is just the cat’s meow.”
—Cathy Brown Mort, Project Manager

“She is such a dedicated Mod, not only to the company, but to doing her very best. She steps up and helps whenever needed. Meghan has no problem taking on extra hours or extra tasks while on shift. She is the only Mod on the team with Tier 2 status because she does such a great job that the client specifically requested that we convert her to Tier 2. She’s a rock star!”
—Tera Tilden, Project Manager

“Meg is one of the most loyal and dedicated Mods I’ve ever worked with. If we need extra help on my project, Meg is there. If another agent has a question, or needs help with something, Meg is there. When Meg is working on a project, she works it with every fiber of her being. One of her finest qualities is her loyalty, not just for the project, but for her teammates as well. What I truly enjoy about her is that she lets her personality shine through. She is professional, fun, and an asset to every project she works on.”
—Teri Moore, Project Manager

“Meg is a pleasure to work with. She always steps up when someone needs to take off on short notice. She is always very respectful, kind, and courteous to our customers, and goes out of her way to make sure they are happy and taken care of. We encounter some challenging customers who can really test a Mod, and Meg always rises to the occasion and never lets them rattle her.”
—Erin Lewis, Assistant Project Manager

“I’ve worked with Meg for the past year and a half. She is a major factor in our project’s success. Meg is also a great leader for every tier of our support team and our client values her as a trusted resource and their Tier 2 Mod. I can honestly say this project would not run as smoothly as it does without Meg’s hard work and dedication. I’m glad she is part of our team. This reward is well deserved!”
—Jay Biros, Account Manager

“Meghan is invested in being the best she can be whenever she’s given a task, and is regularly seen freely offering help to all of the Mods around her. We could use a thousand more just like her!”
—Josh Smith, Strategic Management Specialist