Mod of the Month – October 2016


With the end of October, most people’s focus is on Halloween (especially those of us in ModSquad’s U.S. and Ireland operation centers). Don’t worry, we’ll be sharing some spooky stories and creative costumes next week, but we have an even more exciting celebration to share today: the October 2016 Mod of the Month!

motm_oct2016Known by her colleagues for her positive, team-focused attitude, our Mod of the Month is the always helpful, always dependable Chrissy W!

Chrissy joined ModSquad in August 2015 after learning about a plum work-at-home job through With her husband in the U.S. military, Chrissy’s family moves around a lot, and she needed the flexibility to work from any location. With her extensive customer service background and our remote work model, ModSquad was the perfect match!

Before joining us here at ModSquad, Chrissy built up solid support experience; in fact, Chrissy has worked in customer service roles for the past 14 years. She got her start in retail service positions before taking a job in a call center for ACS (a Xerox company). Just before becoming a Mod, Chrissy worked remotely for three years, providing phone, email, and chat support for a major U.S. service provider. During that time, she was promoted into the position of supervisor for the same client, handling escalated calls and complex customer issues and coaching her team of agents.

“I absolutely love resolving tougher situations that others may be a bit hesitant to tackle.”motm_oct2016b

As a Mod, Chrissy has been working as a Tier 2 customer support agent and social media moderator for a global ride share app. As a Tier 2 agent, Chrissy has been handling the tougher, more complex customer inquiries passed directly to her from our client. She’s also been putting her experience and leadership skills to work by helping Tier 1 agents, answering their questions, and ensuring they have the resources they need to provide accurate, friendly responses to customers.

“My proudest moment was being moved up to Tier 2 on the project, because I could tell my hard work and dedication were being noticed by management. I truly work hard at my job, and I’m humbled by any recognition I receive for doing it to the best of my ability.”

Outside of work, Chrissy keeps busy with her family — her husband of 8 ½ years, 7- and 3-year-old sons, 9-month-old daughter, and their lovably rambunctious dog. Chrissy and her family love spending time at the beach, and living in Florida, they have quick access to do so whenever the weather is warm. In addition to crushing it at her work at home job, Chrissy also enjoys playing sports with her two boys and capturing every fun family moment in photos.

When asked about their experience working with Chrissy, her managers and colleagues had nothing short of glowing praise to share:

“Chrissy is one of those Mods you’d like to clone. She epitomizes the ModSquad above-and-beyond attitude with her care for our client’s customers.

“In her Tier 2 role, Chrissy reminds me of a quarterback running a no-huddle offense, as she helps our team members stay fast and friendly while they have live chats raining down on them. This can get pretty hectic, but Chrissy handles it like a champ, in turn making both her teammates and our client’s customers happy.

“From a quality and reliability standpoint, Chrissy is all that I could ask for. I can no longer count on my fingers and toes the times her quality assurance has been flawless. Go Chrissy!”
—Matt Ramsey, Project Manager

“Everything that Matt said and more! She’s amazing to work with, friendly, hard-working, and a great team-player.”
—Carla Lincoln, Assistant Project Manager

“Let me tell you about Chrissy. She is someone I can count on, no matter what, to go above and beyond for the client, the team, and administration. She’s a go-getter and true to intuition and instincts. If I could carry her with me in life, I would. She’s very smart, dependable, and easy to care about.”
—Shay Goudia, Project Manager

“When I first interviewed Chrissy, I knew right away that she was going to be a top Mod. Her experience, previous training, work ethic, and sense of quality were evident. She did not disappoint. Chrissy is truly a rockstar Mod! She is very quick to learn, picked up hours when urgent coverage was needed, always helped others on the team with answers to their questions, is a mad multitasker, and is one of the most polite CS agents on the phone and chat. Chrissy is simply amazing. I could see her advancing quickly, because she always gets the job done with the highest quality and customer satisfaction results.”
—Cathy Brown Mort, Project Manager