Mod of the Month – November 2018


With November drawing to a close, we have officially entered the holiday season. And while Thanksgiving may be behind us, here at ModSquad, we’re thankful year-round for the people and projects that fill our days and get us excited to start work each day. This month, we’re celebrating one Mod in particular who is known for spreading cheer to all those with whom she works. Let’s hear it for Rochelle H., our November 2018 Mod of the Month!

Rochelle first joined ModSquad about three years ago, after having spent several years as a volunteer moderator on a number of community forums. She was so passionate about her volunteer work, she decided to pursue work in the same vein. She began working on moderation projects and has since branched into social media engagement projects, where her creativity allows her to thrive.

I’ve grown to love social media engagement because it incorporates my passion for writing. I have a trick for staying on tone: I imagine engagement as writing dialogue for a character. If I am working a gaming project, there’s a certain rhythm and level of excitement in how gamers talk. Or if the client wants a more modern tone, I’ll get in the mindset of someone young and hip enough to know no one says ‘hip’ anymore. Once I flesh out the voice of my ‘character,’ I can use that to keep a consistent tone and vocabulary.

It’s this approach that helps Rochelle engage with people from all over the world. For a tourism and travel industry client, Rochelle is part of a team that excites travelers of all kinds and helps them make the most of the time they spend visiting that client’s country.

Beyond her work as a Mod Contractor, Rochelle busies herself with plenty of hobbies, including video games, reading, writing, and art. In fact, you may have seen some of her art on ModSquad’s social media channels earlier this month.

Rochelle also participated in our Extra Life stream week, helping Team ModSquad fundraise to support the kids being cared for at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals around the country.

Being a part of the Extra Life team was one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had. It was fun, I met truly incredible people, and we raised a lot of money for children in need. There just aren’t words for how good that felt.

The Project Managers who’ve worked with Rochelle have only glowing praise for the work she does and the passion she brings. Here are just a few of the things some PMs had to say:

“It’s obvious that Rochelle cares for her work and our clients. Whenever I bring her onto a project, she first and foremost becomes a fan and avid cheerleader of the client, and her work really reflects that. She can do it all, but she really shines in social media engagement, where her expertise and passion lend themselves to thoughtful responses that delight our clients’ fans and followers. She is never afraid to ask questions or offer a new perspective, even on long-running projects.

“She is one of the hardest workers I’ve ever met, and her attitude towards ModSquad and her projects is absolutely golden. I can always count on her to respond with a smile to any new opportunities, projects, and requests, and her enthusiasm is infectious.”
–Geneva Hopwood, Project Manager

“I had the good fortune of working with Rochelle on a proactive social engagement project during the summer months. Her engagements were extraordinarily creative, and she has brought commitment and enthusiasm to the team each and every day.

“Rochelle always looks for win-win solutions. She listens to her coworkers and tries her best to help however she can, be it brainstorming new approaches for proactive engagement or suggesting ways to improve our processes. Aside from her awesome skills, she brings an incredible attitude to everything she does!”
–Jenny Young, Project Manager

“Rochelle is truly enthusiastic about her work and always strives to think outside the box. All the feedback she receives, she takes to heart. On top of that, she is extremely empathetic and willing to do whatever needs to be done to support those around her and encourage camaraderie.”
–Sarah Christian, Project Manager