Mod of the Month – November 2017


Last week in the U.S., we celebrated Thanksgiving, and around the world, the holiday season is officially underway. In this season of sharing our gratitude and letting friends and family know how much we appreciate them, what better time than now to celebrate another one of our brilliant Mods? Hailing from Northern Ireland, our November 2017 Mod of the Month is none other than Emma M!

Emma joined ModSquad in early 2015, during a semester abroad in Germany. She found it to be the perfect way to work alongside her studies. When she returned to the UK, she joined us at our Derry office and has been loving it ever since.

Emma’s specialty is customer support, working with two of our video game clients, Hutch Games and Wooga. She assists customers in understanding specific elements of the game and resolving any in-game issues they might encounter. In order to ensure the best possible service to these customers, Emma has to stay well versed in each client’s library of games. This allows her to proactively report any bugs she encounters, helping our clients to get ahead of any potential customer reports, as well as understand exactly the gaming experiences her customers are having.

Emma also provides customer support and social media moderation for a regional energy company. In addition to being part of a great team, Emma enjoys working for a client that’s friendly and pursuing meaningful initiatives within their communities. She also recently helped with a campaign for another of our clients in the tourism and travel industry, a field she’s passionate about.

I do my best work in customer support. Being able to help a customer, be it with something minor like losing a car in their game, or helping a family that has a broken gas boiler get the right help, it feels pretty rewarding. I’ve always liked working with people and I like seeing problems through to the end.

In her spare time, Emma keeps herself quite busy. She spends most of her time with her fiancé in Belfast and is a few months away from getting her degree in French and Spanish. As if learning two languages weren’t enough, she’s taken classes in German and Mandarin Chinese as well, pursuing her love of languages. She also loves to travel and takes trips whenever she can; her next trip will be in February, to Warsaw, Poland. Emma’s other hobbies include modern calligraphy and embroidery,

Asked what it’s like to work with Emma, her Project Managers had no shortage of praise.

“Time after time, if there’s emergency coverage needed on any projects I work with Emma on, she’s on the ball. There are few I’ve met at ModSquad that rival Emma in her attention to detail and project knowledge. Emma’s commitment to helping make a project successful and helping fellow teammates is unrivaled. I honestly could not recommend her enough!”
—Gerard Ryan, Project Manager

“Not just a Mod of the Month, but of the year! Emma jumps to help with any task and learns incredibly fast. She has the best attitude possible, and I know she will take care of anything that comes her way, be it a new bug in a game, an escalation, or another Mod having trouble.

Also, her work ethic is beyond compare – after submitting her time off request way ahead of time, she double checked with me on the first day of her vacation to make sure all shifts are covered and that we didn’t need anything from her. I had to remind her to enjoy her vacation. I <3 Emma so much.”
—Matea Makek, Project Manager

“I brought her into the company almost three years ago for a tiny project, one of the first projects to hire Derry folks. Back then, it was only Emma and me handling tickets for that project. She was available, smart and reactive from Day One – she has the perfect attitude and always, ALWAYS tries to help: be it one hour more, catching a new issue, or simply replying to another Mod’s question. She’s a wonderful human being, not just a good Mod: she’s kind, compassionate, fun and just overall perfect. Don’t you dare steal her. I found her. I’m keeping her.”
—Lara Greco, Project Manager