Mod of the Month – May 2018


If we ever decide to put together a squad of cheerleaders for ModSquad, we know where to turn. Our newest Mod of the Month has no shortage of enthusiasm, and it only makes us appreciate him more. Let’s give a warm, it’s-almost-summertime round of virtual applause to our May 2018 Mod of the Month, Edward O!

Eddy first joined ModSquad in September 2016 and, in his words, has “been lovin’ it ever since!” He explains that his approach with every customer service interaction has always been to make each customer feel like family, and in that same vein, ModSquad feels like home to him.

Eddy is extremely passionate about the clients with which he works, including a gourmet coffee and tea company for which he provides customer support. He excels especially in live chat and phone support, where he builds trust with customers and ensures their problems are resolved.

I want to be able to make sure customers feel heard above all things. In a world full of technology, it can sometimes be difficult to make that connection and have customers feel heard, so I make it my personal responsibility to see a customer through it all.

Eddy’s long background in and passion for customer support allows him to excel in the work he does for clients. After graduating from college, he worked in technical fields but always found himself being drawn back to working with customers. Before ModSquad, Eddy worked for top software and technology brands, where he provided support directly to customers, performed quality assurance, and trained new agents. These roles helped him build the skills he uses to ensure his ModSquad clients and customers are satisfied.

You can be the best at any skill in the world, but the relationship you build with your customers is what makes any business successful.

When he isn’t wowing customers, Eddy can be found paintballing, fishing, learning the violin, or enjoy the beautiful beaches near his home in Miami, Florida. We expect mastering the violin will be a proud moment for him, perhaps on par with his proudest moment at ModSquad, which he says was the day he landed his first project:

I’m proud to be with an amazing company and to be given the opportunity to meet some great people here at ModSquad.

His managers think Eddy is great as well, and they are just as proud to work with him.

“Eddy is an absolute champ on every project. He’s the go-to Mod that always wants to help and always has a positive attitude. His work is exceptional, and he is always looking for ways to improve or be more efficient. He’s super hard-working and is always a great asset.”
—Christina Williams

“Eddy worked on one of my projects and he was a stand-out Mod. His productivity was outstanding, too. He asked all the right questions and was just an overall team player! 10 out of 10 from me.”
—Tera Tilden

“He always does an outstanding job on my project. He is always eager to jump on tasks for the client, and it is obvious he takes pride in his work.”
—Erin Lewis

“I’ve worked with him on a couple of different projects, and he’s always been seen as an extremely valuable resource. He makes it his business to find out how everything works, and uses that knowledge to provide an extremely thorough level of support to customers.”
—Shane Beeton