Mod of the Month – May 2017


It’s been yet another eventful month for us here at ModSquad, and while May has flown by, we wouldn’t let it end before we take the time to highlight one of our amazing Mods. Our May Mod of the Month hails from France, is a talented pastry chef, an avid gamer, and a customer support rockstar. Congratulations to our May 2017 Mod of the Month, Julien V!

Julien joined ModSquad in May of 2015 (happy 2-year Modiversary, Julien!) while he was training to be a pastry chef. He intended at first to just pick up a few small projects and supplement his pastry training, but our project managers quickly recognized Julien’s talents; within a few months, he was working full-time on an array of customer support and community engagement projects.

Julien currently works on a variety of projects, including several of our gaming clients like Wooga and Konami. For both of these projects, Julien assists our clients’ French customers, resolving questions and issues via email.

Wooga was the second project I joined, and it’s been almost two years that I’ve been on it. I’m amazed to see how the project has grown in that time.

In addition to his customer support projects, Julien has provided French community moderation and engagement for a number of our clients. He is responsible for ensuring inappropriate content is removed and customers feel welcome. While he has excelled in each project he’s joined, creating positive customer experiences through engagement is his favorite task.

As his project managers and fellow Mods will attest, Julien is a dedicated team player. Even when asked about his proudest moment as a Mod, he speaks to the times in which his team has excelled.

The moments when I’m the proudest are when I see a project grow and our work becomes more important. Working from home can get lonely sometimes, and it’s during these kinds of moments that I really feel we are a team.

One of the things that makes Julien such an asset to our gaming clients is his personal passion for video games, something that’s stuck with him ever since he was young. He is also an avid reader of comics, particularly the Marvel brand, and sci-fi and heroic-fantasy books. When he is not immersed in another world through games or books, Julien loves to put his pastry skills to work, as well as take care of his two bunnies, Chookette and Cookie. He is also excitedly preparing for the arrival of his first child in November.

“Julien is an absolute rockstar! He is super reliable, helps out other Mods on the project, helps with quality assurance, and gives us useful pointers regarding anything that happens in the French queue, all with an amazing attitude!”
—Matea Makek, Project Manager

“Julien is an absolute all-star each and every day. This month, he gets special kudos for leading his team through some fairly rocky terrain, addressing unexpected issues, focusing on priority areas to achieve great results, and supporting his team to make everyone stronger.

“Aside from the great insight he provides on the project and his consistently excellent work, Julien is hilarious! He was a pastry chef in his past life and has so many interesting stories and talents, which he shares generously. His interactions with customers are full of empathy and individual attention. And while he is loved by his customers, respected by his colleagues, and recognized by the client, he is still full of humility and a willingness to improve. He is truly wonderful!”
—Jenny Young, Market Development Coordinator

“Julien is an absolutely AMAZING Mod. I have had the pleasure of having Julien on my team for quite some time, and without him on our French channels, I don’t know where we would be! We have had him pick up last minute tasks, help with client requests, and save the day on many occasions. Julien is not just an awesome Mod, but he is also a great team player!”
—James Bradley, Project Manager