Mod of the Month – June 2018


It’s hard to believe we’ve reached the halfway mark on 2018. As summer gets into full swing across many parts of the world, we’re continuing one of our favorite monthly traditions: celebrating yet another one of our awesome Mods. This month’s honoree is all about helping others, and her giving nature is right in her name. Without further ado, please join us in congratulating our June 2018 Mod of the Month, Charity S!

Charity joined ModSquad two years ago while searching for a remote-work opportunity. She loved ModSquad’s dynamic and that we were so in tune with how digital engagement and support have evolved over the years.

Charity has worked on several projects over the two years she’s been with ModSquad. Currently, for our client KeyMe, she provides phone support to customers who call in with questions or issues. She has an extensive background in customer support, having worked in service roles for the past 15 years. And while she excels in all forms of customer support, she says her favorite tasks are phone and live chat support.

I love getting the customer’s issue resolved in real time so that they’re taken care of and won’t have to be waiting around or going back and forth. The feeling of knowing I’ve helped the client and the customer is so rewarding!

Of all the customers Charity has helped during her time as a Mod, one in particular stood out: a customer whose phone call started in tears of frustration and ended in tears of joy.

An elderly customer called in and was so upset. She had just lost her job and was choosing to go back to school, using our client’s app to access her books. She wasn’t able to get into her account, not realizing there were several steps required to register the account. I calmed her down by asking her about a detail she’d mentioned while explaining her issue. She talked about that while I worked on the back end, activating her account. I walked her through everything to make sure she was able to access her account and use the app. She cried tears of joy because of how helpful I was.

In her off-work hours, Charity can be found with her family and her dogs, either at home or at the beach near her North Carolina home. It’s the simple things, she says, that mean so much to her.

Here are just a few of the awesome things Charity’s Project Managers had to say about her:

“Charity is so amazing. She steps up to the plate and always goes above and beyond to get the latest project info and stay up to speed on all the changing processes. She’s a rock star, and I want to have her on every project ever!”
— Lauren McClune, Project Manager

“I worked with Charity for a year and a half and she was amazing! She is always wanting to know more and is 100% engaged in everything. She is a sponge for anything that has to do with a project and comes up with great ideas. It’s so nice to see her recognized for her hard work and dedication.”
— Cheryl Wagner, Project Manager

“She’s super smart, funny, always up for learning something new, and she brings a positive energy to all. I would work with her anytime!”
— Laura Ankerson, Project Manager