Mod of the Month – June 2017


Summer is in full swing (at least here in the Northern Hemisphere), and as June comes to a close, we’re pleased to introduce another outstanding Mod. Congratulations to our June 2017 Mod of the Month, Cory B!

Since Cory started with ModSquad in October 2013, she has become an essential and beloved Mod on an array of projects. Over the years, she has provided customer support and forum moderation for clients including National Geographic Animal Jam, JibJab, and Picaboo. She currently works with one of our gaming clients, supporting a diverse global audience of passionate players. In addition to assisting customers via email, Cory communicates directly with our client to ensure emerging issues are resolved quickly. Due to her experience and skill, Cory also spends a lot of her time helping newer agents address more complex issues.

Prior to joining ModSquad, Cory developed years of experience working in customer service at United Airlines and Verizon Wireless, and in community moderation on various video game forums. Her experiences in those roles have helped her be reliable and dynamic in her role as a Mod.

I feel like every work experience will teach you something you’ll use in the future, be it at work or in your daily life. That’s become especially true with the projects I’ve worked here, where some seemingly unrelated experience ends up helping me get through a situation I may have never had to handle before.

Working from home allows Cory to spend more time with her three kids (ages 18, 17 and 12), as well as pursue her passions for cosplaying and costume design. An avid cosplayer, Cory attends lots of comic conventions around her home state of Arizona, interacting with fans at various booths and presenting at panels. Last year, she presented on a panel at Comic-Con in San Diego, something she says she wouldn’t have been able to do without the flexibility of her work with ModSquad.

In the nearly four years at ModSquad, Cory says there have been countless memorable moments. More than anything, though, she values the relationships she’s built with her colleagues.

It’s nice when you have a team that’s behind you and project managers who have worked with you in the past and seek you out when they need a hand or recommend you to others. That’s the best feeling.

Those project managers she mentions had plenty of great things to say about Cory, too.

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with Cory on multiple projects over the years and she’s always been a top-notch Mod. If there are openings in the schedule, she steps in to pick up hours that need to be covered. She prides herself on her thorough knowledge of whatever product she’s supporting and is an excellent resource for newer Mods who need a little help.

“As a Tier 2 / Lead Mod on my current project, I know when I delegate tasks to her, they’ll not only get done on time, but they’ll be handled thoroughly from start to finish. Finally, Cory is a customer support machine! Not only does Cory have some of the highest numbers on our team in terms of ticket resolutions, but she also maintains excellent QA scores and gives customers great service.

“I can’t say enough good things about Cory. She’s awesome at pretty much everything she does, and is a true long-term MVP for ModSquad!”
—Krystalle Voecks, Project Manager

“Cory is a POWERHOUSE! Seriously, that lady could face a wall of customer service doom and conquer it. She is a quick learner and autonomous in her ability to rapidly apply new information to waiting tickets. She’s also great working with the team, keeping everyone up to date, and voicing her concerns to leadership. Everybody needs a Cory on their team.”
—Katie Carson, Project Manager