Mod of the Month – June 2016


It’s hard to believe June is nearly over. Along with celebrating the official start of summer (at least for those of us north of the equator), it’s also time for our favorite type of celebration: announcing our June 2016 Mod of the Month!

We’re thrilled to introduce our latest honoree, a Ukraine-based world traveler, writer, and all-around rockstar (yes, literally) — Anna V!

Anna-MotM0616bAnna came to ModSquad just over a year ago, inspired by our company culture and the flexibility to continue pursuing her passion for travel. And what a year it’s been! Anna has supported a variety of projects here at ModSquad, including current work as a moderator for Topps, a sports and entertainment company with a series of apps and collectibles for which we provide community moderation. Anna is also a Team Lead for one of our online gaming clients, answering Russian customer inquiries, training and shadowing new Mods, updating internal resources, and ensuring her team has the information they need to help customers. Prior to joining our team, she spent three years providing customer support and community moderation for a music production company.

In her spare time, Anna keeps busy with a multitude of hobbies. She has a passion for music and is the lead singer for a Russian rock group. Anna also loves to write poems, songs, novels and travels as often as possible – she’s visited 12 countries in the past 3 years!

Anna describes herself as modest, kind and funny. We couldn’t agree more – the empathy with which she interacts with customers makes us proud to have her on our team!

“Personally I think kindness and personal touch is something that this world badly needs now and I do my best to treat everyone as I’d love to be treated.”

In her time working with ModSquad, Anna has proven her passions for customer support, teamwork and a good challenge. Though her teammates are spread across the globe, she has no trouble coordinating with them to ensure client and customer needs are met. She is eager to learn from those around her to take on new responsibilities and find new ways of solving problems.

It’s clear to anyone who works with Anna that she truly loves working at ModSquad (and we love that she loves it!).

“I am very grateful and happy I’m here. Our community, our team, the way we handle projects, the incredible effort of project managers to make workflows smooth and easy for everyone, every single agent’s dedication and ability to jump into a project and handle challenging tasks effectively with amazing cooperation – I’m still impressed by it.”

Anna’s dedication to customers’ well-being has not gone unnoticed by the staff here at ModSquad, and many of our Project and Account Managers regularly sing her praises.

“Anna is THE ideal mod. Precise. Attentive. Smart. She can flawlessly do her own load of work and help the rest of the team. Helping is not something she LEARNED. It’s just the way she is. She truly CARES – about the team, the project, about you as a person. She has never missed a day of work. Never. Ever. The quality of her work is spectacular. Players adore her, too!

Anna is the kind of person we want in this company, and not just for the quality of her work (which is flawless). She’s the embodiment of positivity, with a light sense of humor that just makes dire situations better. She’s always calm and even just typing you can picture her smiling.

She’s simply amazing, and I’d gladly trade a couple of vital organs to keep her on my project! Every project should have their Anna, but we got the original!”
– Lara Greco, Project Manager

“She is a stellar agent and steps in wherever necessary. Anna is always motivated, always willing to go the extra mile (training new agents, taking on additional tasks, providing guidance to her fellow mods etc.), notoriously reliable, super flexible and highly professional.”
– Yvonne Z., Project Manager

Aliza Rosen
Digital Strategist