Mod of the Month – July 2018


If you asked us which we enjoy more, pleasing our clients or celebrating our awesome Mods, our answer would be “Yes.” And with such superstars within our ranks, it’s easy to do both! And with that, we’re pleased to introduce our July 2018 Mod of the Month, Jann-Lennart M., better known to all of us as Lenny.

It’s been just over a year since Lenny started as a Mod contractor in March 2017, and in that time, he has earned the praise of everyone he’s worked with. He first heard about us from ModSquad alum Guido Schenkel, who shared how flexible, fun, and rewarding it is to be a Mod contractor.

Hailing from the town of Elsfleth, Germany, Lenny provides customer support and community moderation in German and has been a true asset to a number of our video game projects, including that of one of our long-time clients, Edge Case Games. In addition to providing accurate, helpful information to players, Lenny prides himself on knowing the right approach to take with any given player.

I would say my best quality is being able to tailor my tone and the style of my answer based on that of the customer.

In his spare time, Lenny enjoys a variety of hobbies, including weightlifting, drawing, playing video games (both single-player and competitive multiplayer), and food. He also loves spending time with his 120-pound (55 kg) Russian terrier, Conrad; now we understand why he practices weightlifting!

Since joining his first project last year, Lenny has impressed his Project Managers, who all have great things to share about their experiences working with him.

“Not only is Lenny an absolute machine when it comes to getting stuff done, but his positive attitude makes him an extremely pleasant Mod to have around! He always achieves his goals, and does so remarkably effortlessly. He’d make your jaw drop if you saw what he’s capable of! I wouldn’t want to run my projects without him. To quote our client: ‘Lenny is our guy! We seriously love him!’”
—Hauke Denissen, Project Manager

“Lenny is amazing, his QA is flawless, his productivity is one of the highest in our team, and he has the best and sweetest attitude to match. He quickly catches onto new workflows and still finds time to send funny memes.”
—Matea Makek, Project Manager

“Can’t imagine our German support efforts without him! Solid QA and performance — just a top-notch Mod all around. He is very funny, personable, and welcomes all Mods with whom he shares shifts. Best of all, he somehow finds a way to turn any conversation topic to one about food. Now that’s a gift!”
—Samantha Walker, Project Manager