Mod of the Month – July 2017


Raise your hand if your summer feels like it has flown by. You can’t see it, but we’re raising our hands, too. But that’s not a bad thing. After all, another month gone by means another opportunity to celebrate one of our outstanding Mods. Congratulations to our July 2017 Mod of the month, Caterina S!

Caterina has been with ModSquad for a little over two years and quickly gained the appreciation of many of our project managers. Cat provides customer support for two of our fashion clients, Bendon and Halston, helping customers via email and phone with everything from product questions, returns, technical support, and size assistance. Whether she’s helping a long-time customer or a new visitor looking to purchase a gift, Cat has the skills and product knowledge to tackle any question that comes her way.

As a customer service representative, I always make sure I can assist customers to the best of my ability and resolve any issues.

Prior to joining ModSquad, Cat worked in the hospitality field, incorporating the same skills and customer appreciation that she uses in her role as a Mod. From in-person customer service to phone and email support, Cat has always been focused on delivering a positive experience to foster long-term customer loyalty.

While she pursues her Master’s degree in Social Work, the flexibility to create her own schedule around her classes is perfect. She also loves the variety she gets to experience by working on different projects. In her spare time, Cat loves playing video games and exercising. For the past three years, she has also been a volunteer for the American Red Cross’ Disaster Services; through the ARC, Cat teaches 2nd through 6th graders about local natural disasters and home fires through the Pillowcase Project, a program funded by the Walt Disney Corporation.

During her time at ModSquad, Cat has had many moments that made her proud of the work she does. Seeing one customer in particular go from frustrated and upset to grateful and happy is an experience that Cat hasn’t forgotten and one that really fostered her love for customer support.

On a previous project, I was speaking to a customer on the phone who had an account taken over by an unauthorized individual. I immediately took the steps to help the customer regain access and get her account back. She was so appreciative, she almost cried. I was so happy that I was able to help her and figure out what had happened with the account, that I, myself, got over-excited and started cheering.

And Cat isn’t just her own cheerleader. Her work over the past couple years has her project managers cheering for her as well.

“Caterina is nothing short of awesome. As one of the original agents on our project, she takes the initiative to help out whenever she can and does it with distinction and a great sense of humor. New agent has a question? Cat to the rescue. Another team member has a product question? Cat to the rescue. Project manager needs someone to help in a pinch? Cat to the rescue!

“In all seriousness, Cat is always on her A-game. She can keep a potentially fiery situation contained. If she sees an issue or trend, she calls it out so it can be fixed. She offers solutions instead of just pointing out problems, and offers feedback on how to make things better for everyone. She’s always happy to share her wealth of knowledge.

“She’s pretty much our own personal Wonder Woman. Except with memes.”
—Crystal Litzau, Project Manager

“Caterina is a wonderful human being and a fantastic Mod.”
—Rabbit Korbin, Project Manager

“Caterina is an amazing Mod and such a great person. She is so personable with whomever she helps and does it in a respectful and responsible manner. If I have Cat working on something, I know it will get done and done well. I can’t really ask for more.”
—Bree Schlegel, Project Manager