Mod of the Month – July 2016


For much of North America, the beginning of July is full of celebration — Independence Day for the United States, Canada Day for our neighbors to the north, and summer vacation for many. For our global team here at ModSquad, we look equally forward to the end of July, as this is when we get to announce and celebrate our latest Mod of the Month!

This month, we are proud to highlight someone who is known by his colleagues for his social media and customer support skills, adaptability, and ambition. Our July 2016 Mod of the Month is the multitalented, creative, and entrepreneurial Mitchell W!Mitchell_JulyMOTMa

An experienced customer service professional, Mitchell joined forces with ModSquad in August of 2014 (happy early Mod-iversary, Mitchell!) and works primarily on social media engagement projects. For our client Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, Mitchell engages with airport guests via Facebook and Twitter to ensure their travel needs are met and their experiences fantastic.

One of the things that makes Mitchell is such an outstanding Mod is his wealth of experience in customer support. Prior to his work with ModSquad, Mitchell spent close to eight years working in various customer service roles in retail and healthcare industries; e-mail, live chat, phone, in-person support — you name it, Mitchell has done it and done it well.

Mitchell feels most comfortable working in social media strategy and community moderation projects, and he prides himself on his reliability.

“The most important thing is being available to the team. The project managers know that they can email me or ping me on Skype at any time and I will do what I can to step in and support them. Being available makes it easier for them to do their job, which makes it even easier for me to do mine; as a result, everyone, including the client and customer, is happy.”Mitchel_JulyMOTMb

Mitchell’s hardworking attitude and drive carry over into the rest of his life. Not only is he running his own production company, but he’s also pursuing his Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA), concentrating on Leadership.

“My doctoral study (dissertation) is on Transformational Leadership Strategies that Foster Diversity Management. I am currently in the proposal phase, and I look forward to finishing sometime next year.”

Despite his busy schedule, Mitchell also finds time to spend with his family and pursue his favorite hobbies: reading, directing and writing screenplays (primarily dramas, thrillers, and satirical comedies), and engaging in social activism.

Mitchell’s skills, dedication, and professionalism have not gone unnoticed. Here are some of the wonderful things some of our project and account managers had to say when asked about their experience working with Mitchell:

“MITCHELL IS A TOTAL ROCK STAR. Total. I’ve never been so impressed with a new Mod before. He dove right in during a quick launch and has done PERFECT work since the beginning. The work is so great that whenever I see a fellow PM need someone good, I send his name to them (but only because I can’t fill his hours with my own projects). He’s always there to help us out with additional shifts and is crazy reliable. He works early morning shifts, late night shifts, weekend shifts — if you need him, he’s there.

“Mitch is an excellent Mod on an ever-changing project. Mitch is one of the best at taking new information and putting it into action! I know that when I put out an update, Mitch is going to read it and put it into action immediately. No questions asked.

“Additionally, he’s quick to help out his fellow Mods when they have questions, follows every procedure perfectly, and does fantastic work!”
—Michelle Ramage, Project Manager

“Mitchell has knocked my socks off. He has shown that he truly cares about the work, the community, and the client. He’s thoughtful about his engagement moderation practices, and goes beyond to troubleshoot, escalate, or find the right information to keep the community happy and well-informed. He’s respectful of privacy, and is clued in on the needs of the project. He is on two of my projects right now, and I’m so thankful for that.”
—Izzy Neis, Director, Digital Engagement

“Mitchell is a social media wonder! He is always ready to dive in and learn the ins and outs of a brand, and he really gets brand personality. We really appreciate his enthusiasm, and I’m sure our fans and customers do as well!”
—Geneva Hopwood, Assistant Project Manager

“Mitch has been a superstar since beginning his work with ModSquad. Whenever there was a situation that warranted extra special attention, I knew I could put him on it and the customer would be in good hands. He goes above and beyond what’s asked of him, and not just with customers, but with other Mods as well. I consider myself lucky to be able to work with him. He’s been a huge asset to all my teams.”
—Michelle Bacon, Project Manager

“Mitchell is an awesome Mod. He’s very project smart and dependable. If one of his fellow Mods needs a second set of eyes on an issue, Mitchell doesn’t hesitate to jump in.”
—John Madon, Assistant Project Manager

Aliza Rosen
Digital Strategist