Mod of the Month – January 2019


2019 is off to a roaring start for us here at ModSquad. As you may have seen in one of our first blogs of the year, many of us are working towards new goals and resolutions, but we’re also continuing some of our most beloved traditions. That, of course, includes celebrating our first Mod of the Month of 2019, so let’s hear it for Dermy L!

Dermy works from our Derry, Northern Ireland office, where he began his ModSquad journey over three years ago. At that time, the Derry office was brand new, and Dermy saw it as the perfect opportunity, one that would build on his interests in technology and new media.

Dermy supports management teams across multiple projects to ensure we are consistently delivering high quality service to our clients. This includes monitoring essential metrics like attendance and productivity, as well as day-to-day operations of different projects.

I’ve found a place in ModSquad where I believe the tasks we carry out are what I’m best suited to. This is where I can use my analytical and organizational skills to ensure that no matter what issue may arise, we’ll resolve it in real time.

Prior to joining ModSquad, Dermy ran a local retail and ecommerce business. That experience helped him to provide high-quality chat and email support for one of our ecommerce clients. He is always committed to representing the client’s brand to the highest standard possible.

Customer support and social media engagement were key to my former business, and the venture developed my insight into the challenges a lot of our clients may face.

Dermy’s organizational skills come in handy in his home life as well, caring for two young children with his partner, Martina. His analytical mind is put to work when calculating just the right strength and speed needed to claim a win for the local darts team he plays on. He’ll “throw arrows” whenever he can and spends the rest of his time talking about this favorite hobby.

Ask any Project Manager who’s worked with Dermy, and they can confirm: He always hits the bullseye.

“I have worked with Dermy on several projects. He pays attention to detail and is an uplifting and positive influence on any project he is on!”
— Kristi Martin, Assistant Project Manager

“Dermy is a force for good, not just for the professionalism he brings to our Mods, but for the positivity he imbues them with. He doesn’t just excel at recording stats on Excel, he also excels at making an impact on people.”
— Joseph Moore, Project Manager

“Dermy is incredibly dedicated and professional. Everything he executes on shift is done with the utmost consideration. He has an attention to detail that really stands out and an awesome memory, and you can tell he really cares about what he does and always gives 110%. He’s a great dad and a funny guy. I’m all-around grateful to have him on our project.”
— Reed Kemp, Assistant Project Manager

“I’ve worked with Dermy on multiple projects. He’s very determined to master whatever project he’s a part of. Any feedback I’ve ever given him has been immediately taken to heart, and he’s used it to grow and become more successful in his position. He’s also extremely friendly, always ready to offer a kind or supportive word to anyone needing it in our group chats!”
— Cassie Daley, Project Manager