Mod of the Month – January 2018


2018 is off to a roaring start, and if January is any indication, this year is going to be an exciting one. So let’s keep the excitement going with one of our favorite traditions: celebrating our Mod of the Month! For our first spotlight of 2018, we’re excited to introduce Debora F., a multi-talented Mod from Brazil.

Debora has been with ModSquad for over three years now. She has since worked on a number of different projects across several of our services: customer support, content moderation, and social media engagement and moderation. She also utilizes her Portuguese language skills to translate and review content for clients.

While Debora describes herself as shy in-person, you would never guess it from her passion and talent for communicating digitally. Debora has provided customer support and moderation for a number of our gaming clients, including moderating the social communities for a globally popular multiplayer mobile game. She currently provides customer support for our client Giving Assistant, an organization that partners with retailers to offer its members exclusive discounts that contribute to charitable giving.

Every time I’m able to solve an issue, fully help someone, overcome a challenge, or see a detail that was exactly what my client or Project Manager needed, I feel incredibly proud of my work.

Before discovering ModSquad, Debora combined her visual arts degree and her passions for baking and online media to start a baking company. She would coordinate orders via email, design unique cookies and cakes, then bake and deliver orders. She also created a YouTube channel to share her creations and the processes behind them. She’s also always been an active participant in online communities, so it’s no wonder she’s so passionate about moderating and supporting them at ModSquad.

I used to have blogs, social media accounts created especially for my interests, I would offer help on websites, create content, respond to my channel’s comments, and so on. At the time, it was a diversion; I had no idea this experience would be so helpful in the future.

Those who’ve worked with Debora have nothing but good things to say about her, especially her Project Managers.

“Debora is such a team player. She stays focused on her tasks while on shift, takes her productivity seriously and likes to learn the ins and outs of a project. Her responses to customers are phenomenal; she’s great at being empathetic, professional, and clear. Debora takes what she learns on other projects and applies it across the board, and that makes a fantastic Mod in my book. She’s been one of my rocks over the past two years, and if I could have her for more hours a week, I definitely would take her!”
—Tera Tilden, Project Manager

“I worked alongside Debora as a Mod for years, and she has consistently impressed me with her knowledge and drive. She’s super dedicated to the teams I’ve seen her on, and she’s always willing to help out. She’s an all-around great Mod and definitely contributes positively to every team she’s on!”
—Autumn Harrison, Assistant Project Manager

“She does excellent work on one of my social projects and picked up the project protocols and processes very quickly. She always keeps an eye out for things to escalate to the client, asks great questions, and is always eager to receive feedback. Any time there is an open shift, she will volunteer to help cover it. I have no shortage of good things to say about Debora.”
—Sarah Christian, Project Manager