Mod of the Month – February 2018


February may be a shorter month than the rest, but there’s still plenty of time to celebrate one of our outstanding Mods. This month’s honoree actually just celebrated her one-year Modiversary this month, and what better way to celebrate than with a feature on our blog? Please join us in congratulating our February 2018 Mod of the Month, Anna M!

Anna hails from Forlì, a small town in North Italy (you might be familiar with it if you’ve played Assassin’s Creed 2). An avid gamer, she has been a great asset to several of our video game clients and currently provides customer support for our client Wooga. Anna loves helping customers and adding a personal touch in solving any questions or issues they raise to her.

I excel in understanding a customer’s needs and crafting a customized answer to assure them they are speaking to a real person and not receiving an automated response. I believe going the extra mile to add a bit of personality when answering tickets can turn a dissatisfied customer into a satisfied one.

Prior to joining ModSquad, Anna worked as a Citizen Services Operator, providing assistance in-person and via social media. It was that experience that made her realize her love for helping people and her desire to pursue a career in customer support.

Being able to calm down unhappy customers, and help them through an issue is not always easy. But when an initially upset customer comes back to apologize for an outburst and thank you for solving their issue, that’s one of the best feelings!

Anna is also a talented artist and has worked as a digital colorist for comics. In her spare time, Anna enjoys drawing, catching up on TV shows, playing video games, and spending time with her 15-year-old cat Miki. She also has a passion for travel and aspires to travel across Europe one day.

If the wonderful things our Project Managers have to say about Anna are any indication, she has a bright, customer-focused future ahead of her:

“Anna is amazing, and I couldn’t live without her. She does work in both English and Italian; she knows everything, understands everything, and helps with everything. I’m proud to say I hired her into the company and I’m ready to fight in a duel to keep her on my projects.”
—Lara Greco, Project Manager

“Anna is one of the best Mods I’ve ever worked with! She’s kind, friendly, honest and extremely helpful! She really cares for her project and her teammates; she’s an amazing Mod and she really deserves to be Mod of the Month!”
—Alessandra Ghiselli, Assistant Project Manager

“She has stellar QA, she steps up to answer questions other Mods have, and is super friendly. She is a versatile Mod, providing both English and Italian support. Our project isn’t the easiest due to the breadth of information involved, but she is consistently among the highest performers month after month.”
—Samantha Walker, Assistant Project Manager