Mod of the Month – February 2017


While many around the world saved their displays of affection for Valentine’s Day earlier this month, we at ModSquad think showing love for the people who make a difference in your life should be an ongoing activity. In addition to our frequent internal digital high-fives and random shout-outs to our great colleagues, we have a monthly tradition of sharing our appreciation for a Mod whose awesomeness deserves recognition. This month, our February 2017 Mod of the Month is Tanya B!

Based in Italy, Tanya joined ModSquad in October 2015 after being referred by fellow Mod Anna G. She quickly proved her brilliant customer support skills and passion for helping others. She’s been an invaluable asset to the support of two of our gaming clients, including Wooga, providing assistance to their Italian-speaking customers. She also provides Italian translation of English content whenever her clients need it.

I love helping people, especially in matters in which I have an interest (gaming being one), and I really enjoy interacting with customers. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, but solving a case is incredibly rewarding. When players come back thanking you for an explanation or for helping them through an issue, it’s a great feeling.

For Tanya, the most important part of her work is ensuring clear communication with customers, especially regarding technical issues or game mechanics. That means taking extra care to break things down, explaining troubleshooting instructions step by step, and always reassuring customers that she’s happy to help them.

Sometimes an extra explanation can turn a case from sour to well-received! It’s something I work hard on.

She’s also always on the lookout for ways in which we can further help clients. For instance, in reviewing a game’s FAQ, Tanya noticed there was more information available to players in English than there was in Italian. She raised this concern to her project manager, who brought it to the client. This attention to detail and dedication to helping the Italian player community earned Tanya and her team praise from the client.

In addition to her passion for helping people, Tanya loves video games, comics, anything and everything Disney, and her dog Sammy. She collects figurines of her favorite game and comic characters, and occasionally enjoys cosplaying. In and outside of work, Tanya’s cheerful attitude helps her in her goal of bringing a little bit of sunshine wherever she goes.

In case you weren’t convinced of Tanya’s sheer awesomeness, here are just some of the fabulous accolades shared by her project and assistant project managers:

“Tanya has always been amazing, but this month she surpassed all of my expectations. Our client’s game broke for players in Tanya’s region, on a Saturday morning, with nobody else around to help. Tanya handled the crisis herself, collected all the necessary details on the issue, found and tested the cause in-game, and helped me relay everything to the client. By the time the game’s developers were made aware, we already had the details they needed for a quick resolution. Tanya is simply perfect. I wouldn’t give her up for anything in the world!”
—Lara Greco, Project Manager

“Tanya’s QAs are one of the best on our team week after week. If she slips in even the smallest way, she jumps right on the problem and is quick to learn and correct herself. No excuses, only solutions. She is always positive and a dedicated team player.”
—Samantha Walker, Project Manager

“I love Tanya and wish we could clone her! She has an amazing attitude and is great with following all new policies and procedures down to the last letter. She is one of those Mods who, when an issue arises, is there with all the relevant information, as well as suggestions for how to fix it.”
—Matea Makek, Assistant Project Manager

“Tanya is always positive, helping the team as the best Mod leader I’ve ever seen. She’s always stepping up with additional community monitoring, browsing additional information channels, and posting helpful notes. In a fast-changing environment, Tanya’s flexibility and creativity in urgent situations are invaluable.”
—Anna Veretennyk, Assistant Project Manager

“Tanya is really awesome, always ready to help her team and really meticulous in every task she takes on. Clever and resourceful, Tanya is one of the most reliable Mods I have ever met!”
—Alessandra Ghiselli, Assistant Project Manager

“I don’t even know where to start. Is it her marvelous attitude? The ease with which she gets all tasks done? Her astonishing and always eager mentality when helping others? All I know is: she rocks…. HARD!”
—Hauke Denissen, Assistant Project Manager