Mod of the Month – December 2018


Just when you thought our December celebrations were complete… not quite! Before we say goodbye to 2018, we have one more awesome member of ModSquad to highlight. Please join us for our final spotlight of the year and raise a toast to our December 2018 Mod of the Month, Charles H!

In August 2016, Charles was looking for work that would offer him a work-from-home opportunity in an environment that was professional yet flexible. That’s when he discovered and joined ModSquad, and it’s been smooth sailing ever since.

Charles works on one of our customer service projects, providing email-based support for one of our clients in the meal delivery industry. He assists their customers in ensuring their orders arrive properly and to their liking, and that any issues are dealt with quickly and professionally. While Charles’s experience extends to phone and other types of support as well, he considers email his forte.

I love being able to author well thought out replies that cover all the bases a customer needs.

Helping others in any form is something that comes naturally to Charles, and his experience speaks to that. Prior to joining ModSquad, Charles spent several years as a computer support technician and technical support agent. He also provided captioning assistance for the deaf and hard of hearing.

In his spare time, Charles can often be found writing, designing, and illustrating his own comic book. If your a fan of comics, be on the lookout: he hopes to release it in the near future! He hasn’t given us any hints on whether his comic will be superhero-related, but if you ask those who’ve worked with him, Charles is a superhero himself:

“Charles is such an asset to our group. He’s one of those Mods who just knows what needs to be done and not only gets it done, but gets it done correctly, always. His QA consistently exceed expectations, he’s super productive, and when the client shows us great tickets, it’s always one of his.”
–Michelle Ramage, Project Manager

“Charles is dedicated, reliable, knowledgeable, and helpful – he’s everything we could ask for and more! It’s always a pleasure to work with Charles.”
–Racheal McKenny, Assistant Project Manager

“Charles has worked on an important CS client of mine for several years. His performance is at the top of the pack and his dedication is to the client is admirable. We’re lucky to have him!”
–Jason Ferguson, Director of Client Services