Mod of the Month – December 2017


As if this season wasn’t already merry and bright, we have one more celebration to add to the list. It’s time once again to announce our Mod of the Month and recognize them for the outstanding work they do. Please join us in congratulating our final Mod of the Month of 2017, Garry G!

Garry joined his first ModSquad project in 2014 and still works with that client today. His experience in and affinity for customer support makes him an invaluable asset to the projects he works on.

Garry works with a client that offers a subscription service for film fanatics. In the time he’s been on the project, he’s helped countless customers get the most out of their subscriptions by answering questions and resolving any issues they come across.

I am the type of person who will try my hardest at any task that I am given, but I feel like I excel in email support and moderation.

In addition to the customer support experience he garnered in jobs prior to joining ModSquad, Garry regularly draws on his experience having operated his own tech business via eBay, building and repairing computers. He took great pride in assisting those customers who purchased from him, taking the time to follow up personally with each customer to make sure things are working properly and troubleshoot technical or performance issues.

I took care of everything, from the building of the product and listing it for sale, to handling billing and payments, shipping the product, and ensuring that it arrives safely to the customer.

In his spare time, Garry enjoys playing video games (World of Warcraft, in particular), creating tech videos on YouTube, and doing product reviews. He shares his home with four cats and is currently engaged. And while he describes himself as down-to-earth, the way his project managers describe him — terms like rockstar and superstar — you’d think we had a celebrity in our midst.

“Garry is, hands down, the best Mod I have ever worked with. He is very passionate about his work and the client’s products, and the quality of his work reflects that. He always goes above and beyond, not just in his treatment of customers, but in his collaboration with the client to triage and escalate emerging issues. The client loves him, and it was only a few weeks before they moved him into work with higher-tier customers. His personalized, freehand responses are superb. Many customers have written back praising his support. If you are looking for a shining example of a ModSquad rockstar, Garry is surely it!”
—Sarah Christian, Project Manager

“I have been working with Garry on a couple projects for about a year now. He constantly goes above and beyond to make sure he is doing a good job. He keeps up-to-date on the latest from the client and helps to make sure the rest of the team is aware. He is always willing to help out everyone when they need a day off or extra hours are requested last minute. He’s a ModSquad superstar!”
—Lauren McClune, Project Manager

“Garry is one of the most superb Mods I have had the pleasure of working on my teams. He’s fast to pick up on everything; beyond just processes and procedures, he also recognizes trends quickly and is able to come up with quick solutions to problems after troubleshooting (he’s one of the best techs I have ever known). I can go on and on about how awesome and amazing Garry is, but I will summarize by saying he really deserves recognition as one of our best and devoted Mods in our company.”
—Cathy Brown-Mort, Project Manager