Mod of the Month – August 2018


August has come to a close, which for many teachers and students means heading back to school. The school buses are back on the roads, but for those of us who work remotely, our commute hasn’t changed. Instead, this is the time when… drum roll, please… we get to celebrate our August 2018 Mod of the Month, Danielle G!

Danielle can officially say she’s been with ModSquad since 2017; after all, she started her first shift on December 31. From that day on, she’s felt right at home. She was already a fan of Second Life, the virtual world in which ModSquad (then Metaverse Mod Squad) came to be, and the positive reviews she’d read only further confirmed this was the company for her.

In her time as a Mod, Danielle has provided customer support via live chat, email, and phone and moderated user chats during gaming live streams. Of all the tasks she excels in, customer support chat is her favorite.

I think I truly shine in chats. I love being able to help a customer resolve their issue or question in that single, real-time interaction. I absolutely love working as a moderator too!

Prior to joining ModSquad, Danielle worked as a trauma surgeon for the U.S. Army, but was medically retired after sustaining severe injuries while deployed. She’s worked from home for the past five years across a range of projects, from government to gaming.

Working from home has allowed her to better balance her work and family life with her husband and six kids, including a pair of twin daughters and a set of triplet boys. Talk about a busy bee!

“I’ve worked with Danielle across two projects, and not only does she have a great attitude, she’s got a lot of determination, and it shows in her work ethic. She’s awesome!”
—Erica Powers, Project Manager

“I have worked with Danielle on a few projects now, and she has done an amazing job on every one! She is always willing to learn and improve, and she puts her best work forward. She stays in communication with the manager and makes sure she does everything according to policy. She has an amazing work ethic.”
—Christopher Carpenter, Assistant Project Manager

“I couldn’t ask for a better Mod when it comes to dedication, teamwork, and work ethic. Any Project Manager would be lucky to have her on the team.”
—Kimberly Mayfield, Assistant Project Manager