Mod of the Month – August 2016


The end of August marks many things: summer vacation is over, school is back in session, and around the world, preparations are ramping up around upcoming holidays and celebrations. For us, the end of August means celebrating our latest Mod of the Month honoree!

Romina_MOTM_August2016This month, we’re shining the spotlight on a Mod who hails from Argentina. With over a decade of experience supporting customers across numerous industries, this Mod’s dedication to community engagement and customer service impresses colleagues and clients alike. The August 2016 Mod of the Month is none other than Romina P!

Romina came to ModSquad two years ago, in September 2014, after seeing a job listing on Before joining our team, she provided bilingual customer and technical support for major brands, including T-Mobile and Hewlett-Packard, and worked in image moderation for clients like Yahoo!. Here at ModSquad, Romina has applied her range of language, service, and problem solving skills to a variety of projects, moderating and managing online communities and providing customer support.

“The main tasks I carry out in every project, as different as they are, have a very common ground; that is continuously growing to meet and exceed every customer’s needs.”
“I work on projects that provide such a diverse quality of services. From airport social media moderation to video game support, helping talented musicians and assisting teachers with their daily work — my job is so exciting and dynamic, it’s impossible to get bored.”

In her roles as Moderator and Community Manager, Romina’s primary objective is to maintain healthy and safe digital community spaces on social media and online forums. By monitoring and engaging with customer conversations for our clients Plain Vanilla Games (creators of QuizUp) and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, she is able to ensure the community’s questions and needs are addressed within a welcoming environment. Romina encourages both new and returning customers to actively participate in discussions and share their opinions and experiences. The helpful resources and interesting content she shares with the community spark conversation and help to cultivate a positive atmosphere.

“I love engaging with communities and everything related to moderation. I’m lucky to be working on really prestigious projects with excellent PMs, who have guided me in building bonds via social media. The best part of my job is providing community guidance and support, because in the end, we are all part of communities, both offline and online.”

When assisting customers, whether on social media or via e-mail, Romina knows the importance of empathy and works to resolve issues in a timely manner. Romina does outstanding work for our client Wooga, where one of our ModSquad alumni is the head of player experience and localization.

“I think about the way I would like to be treated as a customer and use all possible resources to deliver the highest level of service to every customer.”

Romina’s passions for fostering communities and supporting others extends beyond the work she does for her clients and to the teammates she works with on a daily basis.

“I have to say that meeting so many wonderful friends from all around the world is the most gratifying experience ever. Even hundreds of miles away, we take care of each other, send presents, watch movies and vent together, just like if we were just blocks away. I couldn’t ask for more. :)”

In her free time, Romina’s interests are as broad as her professional skills. In addition to her passion for traveling, she is an avid gamer (Skyrim is her all-time favorite) and gardener. She also loves cooking and making cocktails and is a devoted David Bowie fan. A self-described “crazy cat lady,” her at-home officemates include three cats, Manuel, Farfy, and Pattycake, and two dogs, Canela and Lila.


And if her life wasn’t exciting enough, next month Romina will be getting married to her fiancé Guillermo, who we are proud to say is also a member of our ModSquad team.

In addition to the happy wishes and congratulations we’ll all be sending her and Guillermo on their upcoming wedding day, here are some of the wonderful things Romina’s colleagues had to say about what it’s like to work with such a dedicated, talented person:

“Romina joined my project recently and has killed every single shift she has worked since the beginning. Romina is another new (to me!) Mod that does impressive (no really, she’s impressive!) work on my social engagement project.

“She’s a smart Mod who isn’t afraid to do extra research/digging to find the correct answer for the customer in a timely manner. Additionally, she’s empathetic, easy-going, cares about the customers and overall, just makes my life easier. 🙂

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I wish I had a whole team of Rominas.”
—Michelle Ramage, Project Manager

“Romina? Talk about perfection! In the dictionary, under ‘The Perfect Mod’, it should just have Romina’s name. She has worked on one of my prior projects, and she was an absolute angel. 🙂 Always there to help out a fellow Mod, spot on with her answers, and loved by the client. She has true passion for the projects she works on.”
—Teresa Moore, Assistant Project Manager

“Romina P. FTW!”
—Cathy Brown Mort, Project Manager

“She has been on our project for a while, and has been one of most helpful Mods. She always jumps in to help cover any uncovered shifts, she helps other Mods and is somehow always on top of all project news and updates. If I could clone her, I definitely would.”
—Matea Makek, Assistant Project Manager

“Romina is always willing to help out in any way that she can and goes out of her way to do whatever is needed for both the project and the team. We all want Mods on our projects that have strong work ethic and are reliable and passionate about what they do. Romina fits these and more to a T!”
—David Follo, Project Manager

“I worked with Romina on a previous project, and I had the opportunity to bring her to my new project. She’s awesome no matter if it’s CS or CM work! She’s doing a great job, and she’s not afraid to ask questions and make proposals to improve things.”
—Charlotte Benoit, Project Manager

“She’s amazing on all fronts, and everything you can ask from an agent – she jumps in for coverage on super-short notice, she’s precise, productive and engaged. Her manners are excellent too. She helps all the other Mods on our projects, and I know that if Romina is on shift I’ll never have to worry about something going wrong!”
—Lara Greco, Project Manager

Aliza Rosen
Digital Strategist