Mod of the Month – April 2018


April showers bring May flowers… so it must be time to shower one of our Mods with praise and appreciation! It’s time once again to introduce one of our outstanding Mods, and we’re excited to shine to spotlight on our April 2018 Mod of the Month, Vicki K!

Since starting with ModSquad in October 2016, Vicki has dedicated her time to one of our women’s fashion clients, providing customer service via phone and email. Because of the skills and experience she’s built over her time working with the client, she handles the more complex customer inquiries that come in, as well as returns and disputes.

Vicki is no stranger to working from home and has been doing so for the past 15 years. She excels at handling all sorts of customer service requests, from simple questions to frustrated complaints.

I always try to take a happy, personable approach when starting a call with a customer. The calls then seem to roll along nicely, and I challenge myself to end each call on a good note with the customer. I’m a firm believer that you need to have fun and share smiles when you help others.

Vicki loves working with numbers, so she excels in processing returns and handling disputes. She says her overall goal, both personal and professional, is to continue finding new challenges and learning all she can.

When she’s not assisting customers and wowing her client, Vicki can be found with her husband riding on their motorcycle around southern Florida, crafting, or spending time with her two sons. She has a few four-legged family members, as well: two dogs and a tortoise.

Vicki says that when she found out she was selected as Mod of the Month, she danced around like a little kid. Based on the fantastic work she’s done, we’re sure her Project Managers do happy dances all the time, too.

“Vicki is beyond amazing. She’s loyal and dedicated to our project and works so hard, often going above and beyond, to produce brilliant work. She’s a real all-star!”
—Cherise Verrett, Project Manager

“Vicki is very dedicated, has a great work ethic and a sharp mind. She stays balanced, and responds quickly and positively to new challenges.”
—Rabbit Korbin, Project Manager

“Vicki was always a “go to” person for the project I was on with her. She is an excellent resource and outstanding asset to any team that she is a part of.”
—Shane Beeton, Project Manager