Making the Best of Social Distancing: Recommendations from the Mods


In these unprecedented times, we’ve been challenged to protect the health of ourselves and others with what would seem, on the surface level, to be a simple request: stay home. Yet we’re an active, social species, and keeping our minds and bodies occupied while sheltering in place is easier said than done.

Fear not! The Mods are experts at making the most of their at-home time. We’ve been practicing — heck, perfecting — the work-at-home model since 2007, and our Mods know how to be productive and creative as well as calm and centered while working remotely. With that in mind, we asked the Mods what they’re doing in their downtime to keep their spirits up and their minds occupied. We received a lot of great advice.

First, it’s essential to keep one’s mind and body active. Here are some inspiring ways to achieve that state:

  • I’ve been working in the garden, reading, cooking new and old recipes, and listening to great music. — Olivia L.
  • I’m lighting incense, cleansing rooms, playing spirit-lifting music, and using the Marco Polo app with friends and family. — Izzy N.
  • Yoga keeps me feeling strong, balanced, and resilient, and it calms me down during uncertain times like this. A great recipe for the mind and soul. — Gulnur B.

Sometimes, though, even the best of us just want to veg out like a couch potato, dim the lights, and watch a good movie. Our Mods agreed, and in this uncertain time it’s probably not surprising that many of us are revisiting favorite franchises like Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, The Matrix, and the James Bond series.

Gloriana O. is going kid-friendly, catching up on the Harry Potter, Divergent, Narnia, and Hunger Games series — when she’s not glued to Disney+, that is. Felipe C. is spending time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, while Kristen N. is going old-school, watching anything with Humphrey Bogart. And Clarissa J. is bucking the trend; as a horror-movie buff, she’s scaring herself silly with Saw, Friday the 13th, Halloween, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Others are spending their precious couch time binge-watching their favorite shows. Some of the members of our social team recommend Love is Blind, Little Fires Everywhere, The Witcher, Westworld, Schitt’s Creek, and, of course, the inevitable Tiger King. So many shows, so little time! As if that isn’t enough, here are more faves:

  • Kristen N. enjoys Leverage.
  • Caroline M. is excited about Netflix’s Self-Made.
  • Izzy N. thinks Locke & Key is great.
  • Christy C. is into Devs, Outsider, Vikings, and What We Do in the Shadows.

Sometimes it’s good to turn off the tube and pick up a book. Some of our unofficial book club reads include:

  • Sourdough, or Lois and Her Adventures in the Underground Market by Robin Sloan (suggested by Olivia L.)
  • Something in the Water by Catherine Steadman (recommended by Gina M.)
  • Michael Connelly’s Bosch series (a favorite of Sarah W.)
  • Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere (loved by Izzy N.)

Whew! Add all of those great recommendations to your to-do, to-watch, and to-read lists and the next few weeks and months will fly by! With luck, you’ll come out feeling revitalized and refreshed, with some great content to share with your friends. Keep strong, keep safe, and keep in touch!

In the coming weeks we’ll be back with more great suggestions from the Mods on how to keep your children occupied while you work. The Mods will also offer words of advice for those new to this wonderful work of remote working. Don’t miss it!