Introducing Department X and CXO Rich Weil


These days everyone is talking about “delivering great experiences”. For us, that phrase isn’t just the latest trend in marketese, it goes to the very heart of what we do – it is what we’ve been doing since we started 15 years ago.

We’ve always believed that great customer experiences and vibrant communities could transform businesses and organizations. That’s why we reinvented outsourced services like customer support and community management, content moderation and social media. Delivering the highest quality CX services is a hallmark of our work.

Great experiences come from great teams. Building the best team required attracting the best talent from around the globe. It’s why we pioneered remote work. It’s why we created flexible scheduling. It’s why we built the internal culture we have. It worked – the team is amazing.  

Recently, we created Department X and tapped Rich Weil to lead it as our Chief Experience Officer (CXO).

Rich and Department X will ensure that ModSquad remains the leader in delivering CX services that delight customers and engage communities. That we continue to exceed the expectations of our clients. And that we keep attracting the best and brightest CX experts to our Mod Network.  

Why Rich? Rich has been with ModSquad almost from the beginning. He has great rapport with our clients and his colleagues. He understands our values, he gets our culture.  

Check it out for yourself. Here’s our new CXO Rich Weil explaining it in his own words.

Clients and partners, don’t hesitate to give Rich a shout online or hit him up for a drink at the next conference. Mods, be sure to give Rich a virtual high five in Slack, at Camp ModSquad, or during our Extra Life charity event.  

Here’s to another era of delivering great customer and community experiences.