Take It from the Mods: Here’s How to Crush Remote Working


The past weeks and months have seen an impressive rise in the number of people working from home. For many of them, it’s a new situation to master. The concept of remote working may seem like little more than a mere shift in one’s workplace, but in actuality it’s a bigger adjustment than many anticipate. Established patterns and procedures go out the window. The social interactions that make up a large part of one’s days are now conducted via videoconference. As evidenced recently by the pantsless ABC News reporter, the potato boss, and “poor Jennifer,” there’s a steep learning curve.

Fortunately, we’re here to help. Leaders in the remote-working space since 2007, our company model is entirely built upon the productivity and well-being of thousands of remote workers from all around the world. If anyone can offer advice on how to adapt to the work-from-home model, it’s the Mods. So we asked them for their best words of wisdom for those getting the hang of the remote-working life. (Tip one: Set up your home office with these essential items on our curated list.) Here’s some other practical, real-world advice to help you excel at working from home.

First thing in the morning, as you have your coffee, take a notepad and jot down all of your to-dos and goals for the day. Set an alarm to remind yourself to take lunch. — Izzy N.

Get ready for the day before you start work. This will help get your day going and will put you in a working mindset. Set aside certain times to work, eat lunch, and take a break. A schedule will be your best friend. — Melissa L.

Working in your PJs may sound amazing, but get up and dress the part. — Monica A.

Don’t overdo it. Working at home, you may be tempted to skip or postpone meals. After all, the kitchen is right there, so you can eat whenever you want, right? Turns out you end up working all day and eating at odd times. Stick to a routine and a schedule, just as if you were working in an office. — Marcio L.

Create a separation between your workspace and your living space. Cover your desk when you’re done, or use a completely different section of your home for work than where you generally use your computer. — Kristen N.

Remember to give yourself time away from the screen. I try to avoid turning on my computer as soon as I wake up, and I also try to take a real lunch break whenever possible. In that time I take a walk, make a meal, or call a friend. It can be hard to find the separation from work and home when work is at home, so it’s important to be intentional about when and how you’re actively working. — Caroline M.

Maintain a routine! It’s easy to establish bad habits like sleeping in, skipping meals, or working late. Get yourself in a good routine that works with your schedule. Also, make time to unplug! — Brittany F.

Get the best chair your budget allows. You don’t pick a cheap mattress, because you spend eight hours a night on it. So do the same thing with your chair, since you’ll be sitting on it for a large part of your day. Make sure it’s comfortable and gives your back the proper support. Find a stool or a footrest so you can raise your legs as you work. Don’t forget to get up every 30 minutes or so. — Marcio L.

Know how to mute and unmute yourself on different video channels. Learning the keyboard shortcut helps.  Also, consider getting a webcam slide cover to keep yourself from unknowingly being on video.  A piece of a post-it note works too. — Amy K.

Relax. Make sure you’re comfortable. Don’t squeeze yourself into a cluttered space. I keep a blanket at my desk to stay cozy. Make sure the kids are entertained and know to stay out of your home office during work hours. — Ali S.

I like to diffuse some oils in the afternoon. It makes me sit up, feel wide awake, and pay attention. My favorite combination is sweet orange, cinnamon, grapefruit, and lemon. — Susie S.

Don’t work where you sleep. Find somewhere else to work, even if it’s just your dining-room table. — Cat B.

Now you’re ready to take on the world, right from your home office! With the proper equipment, a focused mindset, and an effort to maintain a good work-life balance, you’ll be crushing it, same as before. (Minus the commute!)