Holiday GIFs That Keep On Giving


As the holidays approach, it’s likely we’ll be spending more time on social media wishing people near and far seasonal cheer and well wishes for the new year. GIFs are the perfect expressions of online feelings that brighten the internet daily. It might be a clip from your favorite TV show, a celebrity reaction, cute animals or babies, or a clever animation. In the spirit of giving, here are a few seasonal GIFs to liven up your holiday social media shares.

You get a GIFt, and you get a GIFt!

When you have more holiday spirit than anyone else.

When your favorite Christmas song comes on.

When you are happy for time off work, but the kids don’t seem to understand the word “off.”

When your outdoor Christmas lights are LIT.

When you’re not feeling that awkward gift.

After the presents have been opened, and Christmas breakfast has been eaten.

A seasonal reminder of what not to do.

When you’re over wrapping presents.

Wishing you the best as the year comes to an end. May you take these GIFs and spread some cheer. Happy holidays!