Check it out! Extra Life is Saturday


Are you ready for Extra Life?

You’ve watched the video, visited the auction, and secured your swag.  

That’s awesome, but don’t forget the essentials.

  • Twitch channel bookmarked
  • ☑ Something to keep you awake (Rockstar? Mountain Dew?)
  • ☑ Something to settle your stomach (Alka Seltzer? Milk?) 
  • ☑ Something for the pain (for the leg waxers, right Brian?) 
  • ☑ Snacks
  • ☑ Chopsticks (so you can eat your snacks without getting your gaming fingers dirty) 
  • ☑ Your favorite games
  • ☑ Pizza delivery on speed dial
  • ☑ Supportive friends and family
  • ☑ More snacks
  • ☑ An indomitable spirit
  • A charitable heart

Help us beat our goal of $100,000, supporting Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals!

See you on Game Day: November 5, 8AM Pacific.

– ModSquad