Engaging a Remote Workforce


When your workforce operates remotely 24/7/365 and spans the globe, you can’t keep everyone engaged using the same strategies you would in a standard office setting. We’ve learned a thing or two over the past 11 years about engaging a remote workforce, and while we don’t have Angela’s Party Planning Committee, we have other tactics that are just as effective (and don’t involve arguing over streamer colors).

Unlike other companies that offer work-from-home opportunities, ModSquad was founded as a distributed model, valuing unique flexibility for both our clients and our Mods. Remote work is core to who we are; it’s interwoven into our company culture. We feel connected to our clients and their causes, rather than to a cubicle.

While we may not see each other face-to-face, we strive to motivate our Mods by coming together in digital spaces. It’s an essential initiative for any company utilizing a remote workforce. Here are some of the ways we’ve found work best.

Connect People to Work That Matters to Them
Ultimately, it’s important to connect people with work they care about. Our Mods are fans of the brands they represent, which means they get to work for clients they believe in, using their skills to engage, moderate, and support customers they can connect with. When the work is rewarding, Mods feel they’re making a positive impact.

Find the Time (Zone)
If you work in a global organization, you’ve probably lamented at least once of the complications presented by differing time zones. While many companies choose to operate off of a standard time zone for communication purposes, that doesn’t change the fact that for some people, it’s day when for others it’s night. When scheduling meetings, both one-on-one and as a group, find times that work for everyone, no matter where they’re located. If it’s not possible for a meeting to be convenient for everyone, it’s a good idea to take turns accommodating different schedules.

Celebrate Greatness
Always look for ways to acknowledge and celebrate the individuals within your organization; doing so goes a long way in showing how much you value their contributions. Here at ModSquad, our Project Managers nominate a Mod of the Month to recognize the stars among us and their outstanding work. Not only does it highlight a job well done, but the recognition helps engage the whole team.

Share and Connect
Inviting remote workers to share things that matter to them is a great way to get to know one another and find common ground. So many friendships have formed at ModSquad, among people who have never met in person. That’s because we make it a point to share with each other: photos of home, books that inspire us, hobbies we enjoy, among other things. We introduce the pets who make sure we never work alone (many of whom our colleagues come to know and love). And we enjoy a bit of healthy competition during special events like the World Cup.

Although remote workers operate on their own, we’re all working toward a common objective. By encouraging collaboration and engagement, people feel that they are a vital part of an organization in which they believe.

If you’re an experienced professional who loves the idea of remote working, find out how to join the Mods!