How Content Moderation Can Improve Your Customers’ Experience


What if we told you there is a (relatively) simple way to boost your business by protecting your brand and ensuring your customer communications are appropriate and spam-free? And that at the same time you’d be creating a safe, enjoyable place for your customers to congregate, one that helps provide a clearer picture of your audience?

There is such a way, and it involves content moderation.

Today, a strong presence across key social media platforms is necessary to reach your customers. Comments and genuine inquiries may be interspersed with spam, scammers, or otherwise inappropriate posts. On the flipside, you may have positive reviews, customers in need of assistance, and celebrations of your product that could go unnoticed, leaving great opportunities missed.

Content moderation goes beyond text-based content, as well; you may also have images, video files, and/or GIFs to review. The same holds true for those brands with their own communities, including online forums or web pages that allow user comments. That’s a lot of content needing review.

ModSquad has the capacity to handle any amount of content moderation – text, videos, images, you name it. With over a decade in this field, we have the expertise to manage even the most active communities. When reviewing comments left on your forums or your social pages, we’ll scan content for compliance, ensuring all material on your pages is acceptable, appropriate, and follows your guidelines. We immediately alert you to content that requires attention, track and report on trends and sentiment, and escalate great opportunities for higher level engagement. Our Mods have your back — with local agents who speak your customers’ language and share their interest in your brand, you can rest easy that your UGC is being handled by experts who understand the nuances of your community and your offerings.

After expert moderation of your content, what remains is valuable content posted by genuine, engaged customers. This user content resonates more with your audience than some of your own material, as others consider such comments more authentic. It also provides valuable insight into your audience’s points of view and gives them a hand in steering the ship of your company via their feedback. What better way to foster their connection with your brand?

Need another reason? How about a boost in web traffic? Content moderation helps to free your site’s comments sections or forums from spam, inappropriate content, fake profiles, and scammers. Ensuring your site is comprised solely of relevant content helps increase your organic web traffic, and your site will be better optimized for search engines, helping to boost search rankings and visitors.

Your customers and your brand’s reputation are incredibly valuable assets. Don’t underestimate the value of around-the-clock content moderation. Rely on a smart, engaged team of Mods to help you foster your relationship with your customers and improve their overall experience with your brand.