Building A Personality-filled, Brand-focused Social Media team


I have been working in and around Social Media for 7 years now, and one thing I have realized is the equal importance of:

  • Your own attitude and work, and,
  • The demeanor of the entire social media team.


Whether your team is working together on a specific project, a variety of projects, or together representing your entire company, it’s important to find the right people.  Once you have a team onboard, it’s essential to lay out specifics on the project and keep a collective focus. Below are 5 tips to keep in mind when developing the perfect additions to your team.

1.  It’s policy to have a policy.

Before you start handing out client-specific tasks, be sure to send each of your team members a copy of your social media policy. The team should have a clear understanding of behavior: how he or she is expected to act and communicate on behalf of the company (or brand). What is the tone?  What are quintessential aspects of the brand/company that should shine through in the social personality? What can be shared? What can be responded to, and what cannot be responded to? Additionally, are there any expectations or guidelines for a team member’s personal life on Facebook or Twitter? When everyone is on the same page, and direction is clear, accidents are less likely to happen.

2.  Brainstorm.

unnamed-1Cover the full range of project scope with your team, and once you have established a list of detailed goals for your client, work together and brainstorm ways to go above and beyond those goals in a precise and measurable way. Knowing each team member’s capabilities and strengths will not only help quicken the set-up process in the future but will also help you easily establish specific roles within the group.

3.  Plan.

It’s important to have a concrete plan for tasks that must be accomplished, not only to fulfill scope, but to go above and beyond in support. Know what you want to achieve and break each day down to make sure it happens. Think of coverage for incidentals, or “yellow flag” issues, or anything you can predict that may jam up the path to success, and make plans.

4.  Execute.

unnamed-2Make sure the execution process is just as successful and team-oriented. Each member must be familiar with his or her assigned role and expectations, and all of the nuances within his or her tasks (including phases, dates, and times). Everyone on your team should feel 100% confident, with a clear understanding, and follow through!

5.  Measure Success.

Each member of your social media team should be tracking and articulating his or her progress through daily or weekly updates. These updates include stats from social channels and feedback regarding community engagement and content success. Don’t be afraid to give a client or a team feedback frequently. Let them know what rocked and work with them to improve areas that may need it.  In the end, or within measures of time, loop back and do a group post-mortem. What worked, what didn’t work, and where can there be improvement?

Now that you have your all-star team, start planning, brainstorming, executing and measuring your success!  In need of an all-star social media team? Check out our social media services at Metaverse Mod Squad.

Rebekah Good
Social Media Manager